Trailer Swift Information

Trailer Swift Photo Booth rental for parties, wedding receptions, corporate events, school functions, university parties, fundraisers, concerts, festivals and more!  A completely unique experience, not just your average photo booth.

What is a 'Trailer Swift', exactly?

Trailer Swift is a vintage 1954 Fleetwood camper trailer gutted and refurbished into a self-contained, mobile photo booth.  Trailer Swift was created by Chris and Luke, owners of Redlight Photobooth based in Columbia, Missouri.  

Redlight Photobooth has been mid-Missouri's number one choice for photo booth rental since March of 2011.  "To keep our ideas fresh, unique, and to offer the coolest and most fun experience for our clients we decided to convert a vintage camper trailer into a photo booth -- the most logical next step, right?" -LF

Why a trailer?  Why not just keep with the original photo booths?

We definitely still keep with our regular line of photo booths through Redlight Photobooth.  Trailer Swift is our new, exciting project that is unlike anything else in the area.  It has a lot of features that a regular photo booth is unable to provide.

Such as?

  • The trailer fits a LOT of people.  Our record so far is 15 people, a dog and a baby and they are all in frame and photographed perfectly (see right image)
  • The trailer is resistant to weather:  wind causes photo booth curtains to sway, sunlight causes unwanted shadows and effects, etc.  Trailer Swift has limo-black tinted windows that create an environment for perfectly lighted photos.
  • The trailer is AIR CONDITIONED and HEATED making it completely ideal for outdoor weddings, tail gating, outdoor parties, etc.  It stays nice and cold in the Summer and warm and toasty during those Fall and Winter events
  • It's mobile and can be run off a generator far from a building power source (generator fee is extra).  You could setup Trailer Swift in the middle of a field...literally
  • TS isn't just a 'rented machine' for your event.  We create a whole theme and environment.  We setup an awning with hanging lights, a stocked cooler, tons of props, appropriate decorations, chalk boards,  and more

How does it work?

Trailer Swift is a fully-contained photo booth.  Guests simply step in and get cozy on the couch, they see themselves in a large monitor opposite of them.  They begin the sequence with a large button on the wall.  The screen automatically counts down and snaps photos of the guests in their wacky poses.  When the sequence is over, it automatically prints a copy for the guest within 15 seconds which is retrieved outside the trailer.

That's it!  It is automatically ready for the next group!

What kind of events do you do?

  • Weddings
  • School functions
  • Corporate / business parties
  • Tailgating and sporting events
  • Private parties / functions
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Anything!

Trailer Specs, will it fit at your event?

  • Trailer is 8.5' tall x 6.6' wide x 13' long
  • Weight:  913 pounds
  • Power: requires a grounded 20+ amp circuit within 100 feet of building source
  • Don't have that available?  Not a problem, we can run our own generator for a small fee
  • Trailer has built-in stabilizers, but level ground is required to place trailer
  • Access to trailer landing zone with truck
  • Every event subject to trailers ability.  Contact us to discuss :)

Full Trailer Swift Setup

Trailer Swift accommodates large groups with everyone visible -- this one has 14 people, one baby and even a dog

The trailer without the 'scene' setup

This is where guests sit while inside the trailer

Sample printout from the trailer.  We can customize your print template however you wish!